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Plans for the WSC

oMember of the World Scout Committee
oUnião dos Escoteiros do Brasil




Oscar has a wide experience acquired throughout his professional life covering 61 countries and five continents.

He is an ethical, hard-working Executive with a strong technical and analytical background. Furthermore, he has a creative mindset with high leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

He is an expert in strategic planning, marketing, sales, due diligence, general management, human resources and acquisitions.

After graduating, Oscar worked for Gemü Plastics, a German company, where he specialized in automation. In 1993 he started working with Georg Fischer, located in Switzerland. Georg Fischer has 120 facilities around the world and 12,500 employees. During the 15 years in this company he was trained in Switzerland, England, China, Australia and Italy to work on piping systems for water treatment, gas distribution, life sciences, automotive, and semiconductors. Oscar started as General Manager for Brazil, and then was promoted to Manager for Latin America, Vice-President Latin America Operations (Marketing, Sales, Technical Support and Acquisitions). In 2004 Oscar became member of the company’s Global Senior Management Group. In 2007 he was involved in several projects to develop branch offices and production sites in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. On his job, Oscar visits an average of 11 countries per year in several continents.

From 1993 to 2008

Georg Fischer +GF+
Leading multinational corporation, located in Switzerland, manufacturer of piping systems for water treatment and corrosion fluids as well as Oil & Gas markets; with 12,500 employees and US$ 4 billion in sales per year.

Functions performed:
Vice President GF Incorporated Tustin CA USA, Member of Executive Committee -
Head of Latin America Operations, Member of Global Senior Management Team -
Head of Shipbuilding Market Segment and Founder of Miami Shipbuilding Office -
President and Founder of +GF+ Mexico -
General Manager +GF+ Brazil -
Latin America Export Manager -
Area Sales Manager South America -

From 1992 to 1993

Mendes Engineering Water/Waste and Textile OEM- Blumenau- Brazil
Automation of textile machines; water and waste treatment plants projects.

Functions performed:
Export Manager -
Export Sales Engineer -

From 1987 to 1992

Gemu Industry of Valves and Plastic Products - Curitiba Brazil and Gemu Unternehmensbereich - Ingelfingen Germany
Manufacturers of manual and actuated metal valves, flow meters and controllers for Food, Pulp and paper and Pharma industry.

Functions performed:

Sales Engineer - Gemu Brazil -
Export Sales Engineer – Gemu Germany -


1986, 1987
Copesul Petrochemical plant, Automation department , control valves technician -

Aeromot Airplanes: Job at quality department -

1st. job at the Light & Power Company of Amazon; worked as an intern for 3 months at the import department.